Saturday, January 30, 2010

structured pants

Updated with tip on how to mix and match this pants. Since this pants can stand on its own, we only used three colours black, grey and white. We dig this look.

Scarf - Dual tone scarf
Overcoat - Robe Aire
White long sleeves t-shirt - Inner

Check out what Jessica Stroup (90210) is wearing from Who What Wear. Weeee~

Street fashion meets runway is the best definition for this pants. Uber comfortable and super stylish. What more could you ask for from an innocent pants?

Sizes S (SOLD to Miss Pink!), M, L. Email us for measurement (model is 161cm and the pants fall nicely at the ankle). Rolled up for the shoot and also for a runway look lol.

normal price:
RM 40
15% off:
RM 34 now!!

Status :
Size M and L available.

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