Wednesday, February 24, 2010


We've updated! Just a mini update tho. Feast your eyes ladies!

And, and, and we have a promotion! With every purchase of RM100 above, you will receive a very special gift from us. So go shop shop shop!

Meanwhile, check these out
lovelies :

Also check out the old stocks. We've updated with new picturess and tips on how to style. Go check it out.

Shark Fin

The answer for THAT Little Black Dress (wuuuhhuuu!!). Feast your eyes ladies, we have no words for how much we looovee this one. The detail on its shoulder, they look like shark's fin, hence the name. The material is quite stretchable and quite thick, so it won't hug and be too clingy to your body, so no worries about spare tyres. Also, the material is not easily creased, thus saving time on ironing. Do not worry, the material is suitable for Malaysia weather.

Free size. Fits an S or smaller M.
Comes with three colours :

Black (modelled) (SOLD!)
Dark blue (first pic with Mr Tedi) (SOLD!)
Yellow (second pic with Mr Tedi)

RM 50

Status :
ONLY Yellow available!

Take a Bow

Cutesy!Kawai! This baby is definitely cute cute cute! The bow has glitters across it. The button is of crystal clear button. It looks elegant and cute at the same time. Pair it with a high waisted flowy skirt and you will look lovely. It has slightly puff shoulders.

Free size. Fits an S and M.
The material is strecthy, so it is very comfortable :)
Comes with 4 different colours :

Turquoise (modelled)
Dark grey (first pic with Mr Tedi)
White (second pic with Mr Tedi)
Soft Grey (third pic with Mr Tedi)

normal price:
RM 35
15% off:
rm30 now!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cartoon network

Here's another cutey. Check out the scribbles on this one. Definitely one of a kind. It's like you are back in the kindy again :)

Modelled with Ink Drops.

Free size. Has quite large cut. Definitely fit an S, M and L (with small bust).

Comes with three colours :

Light brown (modelled) (SOLD!)
Light grey (first pic with Mr Tedi) (SOLD!)
White (second pic with Mr Tedi) (SOLD!)

RM 39

Status :

Stripe Up!

Let's stripe up girls! This baby has a very cute pocket at the left breast. Very adorable. Feels like gigit ing it :))

Free size. Fits an S
Comes with two different colours

Green/pink (SOLD!)

normal price:
RM 25
15% off:
RM21 now!!

Status :
Only Purple/orange left!

Lovey Dovey (The Attic Crew Dish of the Lot)!

Super duper cutesy! What more can we say? We super love the colour, the all over printed hearts, and the layered flappy ruffles. We feast you lovelies with loads and loads of pictures of these oh-so-adorable cuties so you could be the judge.

Free size.
Fits an S, M and L due to its stretchable band at the back (refer to pic).

The material is very soft and from the first touch and look it feels like silk. Flowy and cooling. Love!

Comes with three colours
Purple (SOLD!)

normal price:
RM 39
15% off:
RM33 now!!

Ink Drops

This jeans is to die for. It is very stretchable. The waist is also stretchable so don't have to worry about bulging tummy (we have similar problem!). The washed effect combined with the paint drop effect create a distinctive look to this jeans. Definitely one of a kind!

Only size S available.
Comes with ONE colour only (grey/black).

normal price:
RM 49
15% off:
RM 42 now!!

Smart Harvard.

A very very very cute cardigan. It serves a geeky yet stylish look. We paired it with the Lovey Dovey and they look fab! We love this one to pieces! Get them get them fast!

Fits size S to M.
Comes with three different colours

normal price:
RM 45
15% off:
RM 38 now!!

Bomb Stud

Similar cut to the Attic Crew Dish of the Lot from the 1st Batch. The only difference is this beauty got studs! Yes, you heard that right, STUDS. This baby has a simple and basic blazer cut, but with the studs, it has been spiced up. Apart from that, the front part is abit shorter in comparison. But this one is certainly a grab!

The sad part is, this is the ONLY ONE available. Grab it super fast babes!

Fits an S and M.

Normal price:
RM 59
15% off:
RM 50 now!!