Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We've updated!!!
We are so sorry for the late update our dearly theatticians!
We have been mounting with a lot of works lately (both personal and work matter)..

As a token of appreciation for your continuous support and patience....

We're having a SALE!!!!!!!!!!

--->get 15% off for selected item (browse around - including our older post)!!!
--->free postage (with purchase of RM 100 and above)!!
--->free mystery gift (also with purchase of RM 100 and above)!!!


These clinchers have vintageous-look. wear them for a vintage look. adorable!

fits S to XL due to its stretchable nature!
available in 2 colors

Brown (first pic) Grey (second pic)


The atticcrew dish of the lot

Cute dress that can be turned into a skirt. 2 in 1 dress. No wonder it’s our dish of the lot this time around. You got a lot of different pattern to choose from.

Free size (best fits S and M)

comes with 4 different patterns

RM 30

Taylor Swift

Flowery print is ‘in’ thing right now. Better grab it fast! Baby doll cutting accentuate your curve. Cute ribbon complete the Taylor Swift look. Sweet.

Free size (Fits any size from S to L)

Comes with 2 colors

Peach (modelled)

White (pic with Mr Tedi)

RM 39

The Gray

It’s a blazer and it is gray. This is not your typical boring black blazer you see strutting down the fashion streets. It is a blazer and it is gray, do we need to say more?

Size S (SOLD!) and M

RM 55

Paisley please

Have you ever had a day when you are too lazy to dress up, with the constant fashion pressure on layering and matching up everything. Well, we have! So here’s the solution. A simple stand out cardi. Put on a racerback singlet or a plain t shirt and throw this cardi on, voila, you got yourself a Sartorialist-worthy outfit.

Free size (best fits an S, M and small L)

Available in 3 colors with different pattern

Red (modelled) (SOLD!)

Grey (first pic with Mr Tedi) (SOLD!)

Brown (second pic with Mr Tedi) (SOLD!)

RM 36

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